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Over 360,000 neighbours across Australia are using Nabo

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Nabo is the best way to meet your neighbours and connect with your local community. Over 70% of Aussies admit they don’t know their neighbours but there are so many ways they can help us! Whether it’s to borrow a cup of sugar, make new friends, or warn of local crime, knowing who lives next door makes everything easier

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Neighbours across Australia are embracing Nabo

“Nabo is a place where anyone in the community can post, free from the fear they will be personally attacked for having an opinion that may differ from others.”

Steve from Padstow Heights

“I have had great success bringing people from all different backgrounds together. It’s great to see everyone chatting, sharing experiences and having a laugh.”

Pam from Parkes
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What are some of the ways you can use Nabo?

  • Meet neighbours who share your interests
  • Join a local coffee or walking group
  • Sell, borrow or give away household items
  • Plan a neighbourhood street party
  • Get local recommendations for cafes, plumbers, gardeners and more
  • Receive instant crime and safety alerts
  • Find a trustworthy babysitter to mind the kids
  • Keep up-to-date with local traffic and roadworks
  • Join local charities or help a neighbour out
  • Discuss local concerns and rally support for action
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