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Cheap and Creepy Halloween Ideas for Adults

Creepy costumes, gory decor and haunted houses, Halloween never fails to be the spookiest time of year. Whether you look forward to the haunting holiday the entire year or prepare the night before, Halloween parties, trick-or-treat decor and horror-movie costumes are all important when the day rolls around. We've got some cheap and easy tips to make your Halloween even more frightful — and delicious!


The Black Licorice Delight will have your guests raving. Add black dye in your ice cube tray before freezing and add black dye to the sugar for the rim. Pour in licorice liqueur, blackcurrant cordial and water to your favourite cocktail glass, and have yourself the spookiest cocktail around.

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This addition to your Halloween decor will leave your friends shrieking. Add a laminated picture of a face into a jar and fill it full of water – super simple but the effect is terrifying. Place the jar casually in a corner or make it your table's centerpiece.

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Make your bathroom a murder scene to surprise your visitors. Mix red acrylic paint with two parts red dye to one part blue dye and add a little rubbing alcohol for the right consistency. Splatter this on an old, white towel and white shower curtain (outside), rinse them down with a hose and you'll have yourself a bloody mess - with minimal clean up!

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This frightful decor is sure to scare! Make your own body bags by filling garbage bags with other bags, pillows, empty plastic bottles or really anything you can find. Tape them off in the shape of a body and throw them in random spots – maybe even the bathtub in the murder scene bathroom.

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This Halloween get-up is original and easy to accomplish. Apply lighter powder to your skin, dark makeup to your eyes, dark red lipstick and fake blood dripping down your mouth. Pop in a pair of vampire teeth, throw on dark clothing or a cape and you have a creepy costume! 

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Adults will love this colourful and classic treat. Add vodka to your favourite red-flavoured jelly mix, add the concoction to fake syringes and pop them in the fridge! These tasty treats are extra creepy and extra fun to eat. 

What are your suggestions to keep things horrifying this Halloween without breaking the bank? Share it with your neighbours in the comments below.

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