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Giving away free stuff on Nabo is good for your health and your community

Do you have items that you no longer use that are taking up space in your home? Why not give them away to a neighbour in the “free to a good home” section on Nabo? Declutter your home, help the environment and your health and have the opportunity to meet new neighbours!

As one member said in a recent survey, being on Nabo is a great way to “recycle, reduce, re-use and restore”.

It’s good for your health

Decluttering is good for you in multiple ways – at the simplest level, it makes it easier to find things. But clutter can be more than just annoying. Research shows that people living in cluttered or messy houses can feel depressed or stressed and find it hard to focus on tasks. Stress and depression can have flow-on effects on our physical health, and our sleep patterns. Plus, generous people are happy people.  So sorting things out and getting rid of things you truly don’t can be a win on multiple fronts.  

Now, if you just want to get rid of a few toys or clothes your children have outgrown, or an appliance you no longer need, giving things away is easy – check our tips for good posting below, and then swing over to Nabo and find the “Free to a Good Home” section, on the left-hand side of your Suburb Hub.

But what if you’ve got some serious clutter going on, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it? You could take a look at these clutter-cutting starter tips; or these, from Michelle at the Australian blog Keep Calm Get Organised, who makes the great point that clutter takes time to accumulate and time to deal with – so aim for progress, not perfection, and don’t get discouraged.  

Clearing out helps your neighbours

The things you don’t need or want anymore could be treasures for someone else. You might also make a real difference to someone on a tight budget. And when you give something away on Nabo, you know that your help is going to a someone in your area – it’s another way of helping to build a strong, friendly, supportive community, which makes everyone’s lives better (you’re also less likely to get no-shows who change their minds after realising they’re a long way from you).

It works both ways too - if you’re creative and upcycling your thing, there are many different ideas on Pinterest. All you need to do is keep an eye out for some pre-loved goods on Nabo and start creating something new. It’s a great way to reuse and recycle unwanted goods. Plus, it’s rewarding and good for your wallet.

And as members have told us, using Nabo’s “free to a good home” or buy and sell sections is another way to meet people in your community.

It’s good for the environment

Finding new homes for things reduces the amount sent to landfill, and the amount of natural resources used in manufacturing new products.

You’d be surprised what other people want

From tables and chairs to sofas and small appliances, there are many everyday household posted on Nabo. But there are plenty of delightful surprises and unusual items too – we’ve spotted everything from a candle wick trimmer to vintage vinyl records, lawn bowls and bikes.    

So even if your item is small or old, it’s worth listing, because it could be exactly what someone else is after.

Tips for posting in the “free to a good home” section

  • Ensure you give as much detail as possible, for example, give specific measurements for furniture
  • Don’t forget to mention if something is heavy and might need two people to lift it
  • It is also a good idea to explain what it is used for if it is unusual
  • Post photos from several angles
  • Don't forget to let others know once the item has been sold

If you haven’t listed an item before, read Nabo’s step-by-step guide to posting in your local classified (including For Sale, Wanted and Free to a Good Home) here.

What are you waiting for? Add your items to the free to a good home page now!

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