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How to Be Neighbourly on Nabo

Joining Nabo is a fantastic way to meet other members from your community, but at first you might not know where to start. There are many features that can help you become a better neighbour, from creating groups to sharing reviews of local businesses.  We’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to be neighbourly on Nabo.


Using the local business directory is a fantastic way to find out which businesses are operating in your area. The directory can be used to find anything from health & fitness professionals, to tradesmen and dental surgeries. By relying on small businesses in your local area, you’re giving back to your community by stimulating economic growth through innovation and employment opportunities. If you’ve had a positive experience, don’t forget to leave a review so other users can benefit from your experience.


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Here at Nabo, we’re huge believers in social capital. Your interactions and experiences are important to us and the more you post, the more your neighbours can react and relate to your experiences in the community. Welcome new neighbours to your area and reply often to their queries or recommendations.  Introduce yourself to other members to share common interests, or create a group to find other like-minded individuals.


Nabo works better with more people. Build a stronger community.



It seems naïve in today’s day and age to offer up your address to strangers on the internet, but that’s what is special about Nabo. When you verify your address, more features become available in your area and your chances of meeting your physical neighbours increases. If you’re concerned about making your address public, you’re always welcome to hide your street number. We promise this information will never be shared with marketing companies, or allow you to be visible through search engines.


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If you enjoy sharing your local knowledge with other members of your neighbourhood or interacting with the community on a regular basis, perhaps you should look into becoming a Suburb Lead? Suburb Leads use the site regularly and enjoy sharing relevant and helpful information with other members of their community – both online and in real-life. If this sounds like you, get in touch and we will help get you started.


Chat with your neighbours about everything from local issues to bin collection.   



It can be difficult sometimes to remember that behind a comment or review, is a real person with real feelings. Please be courteous and polite to one another and attempt to be constructive in your replies. Thank other members for their contributions and if you would like to offer an alternative opinion or critique, please do so in the same way you would in real life.


How do you use Nabo to be neighbourly? Let other neighbours know in the comments section below!

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Here are some of the ways over 8,700 suburbs are using Nabo to get the best out of their local area.


Recommend and discover the best things around you, from local events and attractions, a trusted service or tradie, to the best coffee in town.


Create a support network of local people who can keep an eye on your home or pet while you're away. Grow a stronger neighbourhood together.


Find a kids second hand bike or toy, sell an unwanted item from around your home, or borrow something handy from your neighbours.