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May's Top 5 Posts

Farewell autumn, hello (reluctantly) winter! Before things get too chilly, let's have a look at our favourite posts we've seen from the Nabo community this month. We love finding these gems amongst the thousands of posts we see each month and I hope you enjoy reading about them! 

'Fresh eggs, anyone?'

Zara from Queensland had a fantastic offer for her neighbours! “Two lovely red chooks” who lay eggs every day! $35 seems like an absolute bargain for years of fresh eggs, but how could anyone go past that amazing photo accompanying her offer?! We see a lot of different items on offer in the Nabo Classifieds. From chickens to computers, see what your neighbours are selling now.

Wine O’Clock

Did you know that Nabo is chock full of groups? Walking groups, coffee groups, reading groups and more - no matter your hobby, it’s always more fun with a friend. Deb from Western Australia started a wine club to connect with her neighbours. With her welcoming nature and organisational skills, it wasn’t long before she had made the Wine Club a regular activity. Why not start your own in your neighbourhood?

Pub Trivia - Always a Safe Bet!

Back east in Queensland, Christine had a similar idea. Everyone loves a bit of trivia and after moving to Australia, Christine used this shared appreciation as a stepping stone to connect with her neighbours. And boy was she popular - since posting her idea in March, she has accrued over 70 replies! Pub trivia is a great location to break the ice with new neighbours - it’s a mutual location that you can leave at any time, it’s a fun and friendly activity and it’s a great opportunity to meet the locals. Find a local pub hosting trivia and ask your neighbours if they want to join you!

Gino’s Search for Love...

Nabo is a fantastic platform for you to meet your neighbours and get the best out of your suburb and surrounds, but it isn’t a dating site - unless you’re a stick insect! We had to overlook our rule just this once on behalf of Gino, who has just come into maturity and is feeling a little bit lonely. Caroline from NSW knew she might be grasping at straws, but you never know if you never ask. We’re still on the lookout for a female Goliath - comment on the blog if you know think you might know the lucky lady! PS, can anyone actually spot Gino?!

...And Bobby’s Search for a Pal

One of the trickiest conundrums of adult life is how to care for a pet while working full time (OK, maybe not the trickiest. I don’t have kids!). Wenting from NSW was pining for Bobby while she spent time in the office and asked her neighbours if there were any other dog-owners in a similar position. Luckily for Bobby, Benson was also feeling a little bit lonely during the 9-to-5. If you’re having a similar problem, take Wenting’s lead and see if there are any petsitters in your neighbourhood.

Seen a post you think belongs in next month's collection? We want to see it! Share the hyperlink in the comments below and we'll do our best to include it in the Top Five posts for June. The best posts showcase neighbours helping each other out, interacting offline, or something to put a smile on our dial. 

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