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Nabo Book Competition

At Nabo, we love a good book and we love book clubs even more. This is because book clubs are about more than just reading, they can be very sociable and are a great way to meet new people in your community.  

To encourage more book clubs, our partners at Hachette are giving you the opportunity to win books for you and your book club. We want you to help decide which Book of the Month you will be eligible to win.

How to Enter

Vote for next month’s book of the month in this poll and add Reading to your interests to be automatically entered into the draw to win copies of the Book of the Month for your book club.

Important Dates

This competition opens at 12.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time (“AEST”) on Wednesday, 18 April 2018 and closes at 11.59pm AEST on Monday, 30 April 2018.

Book Details

The Perfect Mother - A night out. A few hours of fun was all it was meant to be the May Mother’s Group. . . and then the nightmare begun.
We all want different things. Francie wants to be the perfect mother. Nell wants to escape the past. Collette wants to spend more time with her family.

All Winnie wants is to have her baby back.

When Nell suggests a night out in Brooklyn to her new mums club, the others jump at the chance. But the evening takes a tragic turn when single mother Winnie learns that her six-week-old son Midas has been kidnapped.

As the investigation hits a dead end, Nell, Collette and Francie make it their mission to succeed where the police are failing and bring baby Midas home. But as Winnie and those around her come under scrutiny from the media, damaging secrets come to light and friendships are pushed to the limit.

Because people will do almost anything to protect the ones they love . . .

Before I Let You Go - Your sister needs you. But her child needs you more... A moving page-turner with a heart-pounding dilemma: Your sister or her baby. Who do you choose? Fans of Jodi Picoult and Jojo Moyes will love Australia's Kelly Rimmer.
As children, Lexie and Annie were incredibly close. Bonded by the death of their beloved father, they weathered the storms of life together. When Lexie leaves home to follow her dream, Annie is forced to turn to her leather-bound journal as the only place she can confide her deepest secrets and fears...
As adults, sisters Lexie and Annie could not be more different. Lexie is a successful doctor and happily engaged. Annie is an addict - a thief, a liar and unable to remain clean. When Annie's newborn baby is in danger of being placed in foster care, Annie picks up the phone to beg her sister for help. Will Lexie agree to take in her young niece? And how will Annie survive, losing the only thing in her life worth living for?



For a full list of terms and conditions please see below. Essentially you must have “reading” as an interest on Nabo and vote in the poll to be entered into the draw.  

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox to see if you are a competition winner.

Book clubs are a great way to collaborate with your neighbours. If you can’t find any book clubs in your suburb, then why not create one? We have created these handy tips on how to get started.

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