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Nabo members are helpful, keen – and love their coffee!

A massive thank you to the more than 4,400 Nabo members who helped make Nabo better in our recent Nabo survey. Your answers told us a lot about what you love about your neighbourhood, what you are interested in and what helpful people you are. Click here to see if you're one of the six lucky winners of a $250 gift card!

We also learned more about what you want from Nabo, which will help us improve throughout 2018. 

So what did we learn?!

1. Nabo members are a friendly bunch

We’ve always known Nabo members are helpful and friendly, so it was no surprise to see that confirmed in this survey.

Nearly half of Nabo members know their neighbour’s first name and of those, one in seven have become friends. “We talk, share celebrations and look out for one another,” one member said. “We know and help each other in our street,” said another.  Some members said that while they’d like to be more neighbourly, demanding jobs and other commitments means they haven’t had the time. Of course it depends on the type of neighbour, with some neighbours being more open to saying hello or chatting, while others like to keep to themselves.

Overall, while we recognise that there will be a bad neighbour here and there, being polite and saying “hi” can help break down barriers.

Even if we don’t know our neighbours yet, it’s clear that we want to get to know them, with 79% of people wanting to connect.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make it happen, these blog articles on 7 ways to meet your neighbours and How to start talking to your neighbour are a good place to start.

2. You love coffee, meeting people, markets and gardening

The survey showed just what a broad range of things you enjoy – with coffee and cafes leading the way!

With the survey asking members to pick their three top interests from a list of 22, 33.3% of you chose coffee and cafes as one of your three. Meeting people came next with 24%, followed by markets (22%), gardening (19.4%) and health and well-being (17.6%). Restaurants, travel and dogs were also popular, as was volunteering and community work. 

With these in mind, one of Nabo’s key aims in 2018 is to offer more specific help, local news and offers based on your interests. We will also look to give you ways to connect to more people who share your passions. You can update your interests here to make sure you don’t miss out.

About 45% of members are in local clubs or groups (you can find Nabo groups here), and judging from some of the responses, we have quite a few very active people who are members of, or contribute to, several clubs and groups. Our members get involved in local art groups, book clubs, sports teams and coaching, refereeing, fundraising with charities - all-important roles that help our neighbourhoods as well as make local communities stronger.

3. You want to know about local events and connect with people

In the survey, we asked why you joined Nabo.

Finding local events turned out to be the main reason – 34% of those who answered the survey ranked it as the most important reason for signing up  –  closely followed by connecting with people. Finding local businesses and improving neighbourhood safety also rated well.

The survey showed us that many members are using more of Nabo and in  variety of ways, but not everybody knows how. In 2018 we will work harder to help new and current members alike to understand and use all the features Nabo has to offer.

4. Is Nabo meeting your expectations? Yes and no

A large number of our members have made it clear that Nabo is meeting their expectations. However, you also told us there is a still room for Nabo to improve.

We’re going to work hard to re-connect with those who need more assistance and Nabo will work hard to recruit more members to build stronger communities. In return, we ask our members to help grow their neighbourhoods or pay it forward and grow other areas in the hope that others will do the same for you. Why not invite friends and family to check out what Nabo is all about?

Even though 84% of respondents would you refer someone you know (friend, neighbour, colleague) to Nabo, fewer than 15% actually do. 

Given the responses throughout the survey, this is likely due to a combination of not knowing how to invite people (click here to find out how), or being uncertain as to whether they would join. If it’s the latter, just suggesting that people take a look can be a gentler way of letting them know about Nabo.  Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

5. You love where you live

Overwhelmingly you like where you live, with 95% of members answering positively to the survey question “Do you like the area of neighbourhood where you live?” More than two thirds of you also feel strongly that you are connected to your neighbourhood.

“Because of Nabo I am connected,” one member said. “I know quite a few of our neighbours and even the ones I don’t I just wave and say hi,” said another.

However, while 73% of members feel connected to their neighbourhood, some of you clearly feel isolated, or would like to have friendlier interactions with people in your area.  Some of you have tried and not had the response you wanted or you don’t really know how to connect with your neighbours, for a variety of reasons.

“I’ve tried to get … residents interested in Nabo but I’m not a good salesman,” one member said.  “Sometimes it’s safer to be nice but keep to myself,” said another.

One of the biggest concerns we hear about from Nabo members, in the survey and at other times, is that Australians, like many others around the world, are becoming more closed off from each other.

With more and faster change happening in our worlds, we are becoming detached from the real world and it’s becoming harder for people to break through and we can become discouraged. Don’t let your negative experiences become more powerful than your positive ones. Check out some positive member stories here (https://www.nabo.com.au/memberblog/blog-article-member-stories)

The best solution for our members is to simply get involved – whether it’s volunteering, joining in a local group, attending a local event or simply smiling or saying hello.  

In 2018, we’ll be working to help you make more connections, and feel more involved in your area.

6. How do you find out what you want to know?

Nabo members are information finders – relying on a variety of digital and real life resources to help them to connect. You use friends and family to help keep up to date with local news and events, look in newspapers or local publications to do the same, and use Facebook for a variety of things, including finding out about what’s happening and selling and buying items.

When it comes to finding local businesses, outside of Nabo, apart from search engines, you like trusted advice with 52% asking friends or family for recommendations.

7. “A great way to meet local new friends”

The reality is that while most people love the idea of a friendly community, not everyone in your neighbourhood wants to make new friends. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts at starting a conversation with a neighbour, don’t take off straight away. It’s worth persisting. As your Nabo suburb hub grows, and you explore everything the platform has to offer, you’ll find more opportunities to make connections.

Some of you have already. “A Great way to meet local new friends. Just put it out there,” one member, who has met people for coffee, dinner and other activities. For others, just having an online connection is enough, and Nabo is a great place to do that.  Ideally, Nabo works best in helping neighbours take online conversations onto the street.

Finally, here are some things that can help

Some of our members want us to help them learn how to use Nabo to better connect with their neighbours. Below are some of our posts and FAQ help that explains what you can do on Nabo

Best ways to Post

Where to find local events

Join a local group

Update my Interests

Inviting People to Join Nabo

A huge thank you from the Nabo Team for contributing your time to our survey and just being amazing in general.

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