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The Christmas Survey Results

After sorting through over 1,700 survey responses, we can finally announce the results of the Nabo Christmas Survey!

It was clear that Christmas is an important cultural tradition in Australian communities, with only 2.25% of respondents not celebrating the holiday.

It's not just for families though, with 56% of respondents acknowledging the holiday in some way with their neighbours. Exchanging cards was the most popular way to do this, but inviting each other over for a drink was also very popular.

When it comes to sharing Christmas with our communities, the most beloved local activity was visiting local lights (44%), followed closely by attending local carol nights. 71% of respondents see Christmas lights each year with family, friends and loved ones

Fresh cherries and prawns are staples of the Christmas diet with almost 50% of Australians naming them amongst the two favourite traditions. However, the most popular Aussie Christmas tradition was spending time with family. And despite family time being what we cherish most about the holiday season…

…but it can also be the biggest source of frustration over Christmas! Family makes it in the top three things that bugs us at this time of year. It’s followed closely by Christmas shopping and holiday traffic.

And while Australian communities are becoming less secular, religious services still form a significant part of holiday traditions for 1/5th of Australians.  

Which every way you plan on celebrating Christmas this year, we hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the year with family and loved ones. Spare a thought for those that spend the holiday alone - can you invite your neighbour to Christmas drinks? Drop a card off in the letter box to let them know you're thinking of them? Christmas is a time for giving, so give the gift of kindness this Christmas.

Ask you neighbours on Nabo if they'd like to join you in celebrating the festive season this weekend.

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