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Tips & Tricks for the Best Garage Sale Ever!

If you are looking to do a little spring cleaning, de-cluttering or want a way to make a little extra cash, the upcoming Garage Sale Trail is the perfect opportunity to do so. Now over the course of a whole weekend, Garage Sale Trail is a free festival of garage sales that happens in communities across Australia on Saturday 21 October and Sunday 22 October 2017. We all have those items in our closet we haven't worn in years, kitchenware in our cabinets that we forgot existed or that closet we avoid because of the mess lurking inside. Together with other Garage Sale Trail enthusiasts, you can give your home - and your life - a fresh start! Read on for the best tips to ensure your garage sale is a successful one.


Advertising is everything when it comes to successful garage sales! If you haven't registered for Garage Sale Trail yet, there is still time. By registering your event online, you can let those buying on the Garage Sale Trail know that you're open for business this October. If people don't know it's happening, they won't show up. Double your audience with an event on Nabo, too. It's the perfect platform to let those nearest to you know that there's a deal to be struck nearby. Go old school and post eye-catching (and legible) signs around the neighbourhood with the date, time and location. 


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If you haven't got enough pre-loved goods for your own garage sale, why not round up your neighbours for a joint garage sale? This allows you to have a larger selection for shoppers while your neighbourhood gets a little spring clean-out. The more the merrier is really true here because joint sales allow for more people to help set up, assist browsers and check-out buyers. Plus, it adds more fun to the experience by letting you get to know (or reconnect) with your neighbours! 


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After you've registered your sale with Garage Sale Trail, and made an event on Nabo, it's time for the nitty gritty! Make browsing your garage sale as easy as possible for your shoppers. Group similar items together by category or price. Put your kitchenware in one place, large furniture in another, small items on a table and so on. This will let browsers navigate your sale with ease and help shoppers on the mission for a particular item.


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Know the value of your items and think like a buyer. For large pieces like refrigerators and washing machines, price slightly high so that bargainers think they are getting a good deal when you come down on the cost. But with small keepsakes and nick-knacks, keep the price low or you'll probably be throwing them out after the sale. Also make prices obvious with color-coded stickers on each item – pink stickers are $5 items and blue stickers are $3 items.


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It's all about the customer! These people are (hopefully) giving you money so offer your shoppers refreshments like individually-packaged snacks and water to make them feel comfortable and more willing to browse longer. It may sound cliché but always be kind, present and helpful. A happy shopper will be more willing to buy your items. 


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Make your check-out table obvious with a cute sign and a consistently-present cashier. Have bags and boxes ready to wrap up and condense your buyers' items, so that they can get their purchases home conveniently. And having change is everything! Make sure to have an array of notes and coins in your cash box as someone might put back an item if they don't have the exact cash and you don't have the right change. 


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As the Garage Sale Trail comes to a close this 22 October, announce to stragglers and late-comers that you are lowering the prices of all items. They will think they are getting a deal on that couch or will reconsider the now $5 kitchen bowl set. However, you will more likely than not be left with some items at the end of the day, so head on over to the local op-shop and donate these to those in need. Helping others is the perfect way to end a successful garage sale. 

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