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Why Residents shouldn't post Business Offers

The aim of Nabo is to create stronger neighbourhoods through more local content. One key part of this is promoting local businesses relevant to our members.

We encourage businesses to use Nabo and have a set of policies which balance businesses’ desire to promote themselves with the need to keep the Suburb Hub content vibrant and interesting for our members.  

We encourage businesses to reply to posts asking for recommendations  (that's helpful to members!). However, we do not allow either business or residential members to post business offers directly to the Suburb Hub.

To support this, we ask that members report any specific offers from people who are highlighting their businesses personally in a post, rather than via their registered business. Click here to see how to report a post.

More information about Nabo for Business can be found here.


For residents wanting to promote your business, all you have to do is: 

  1. Register your Business on Nabo
  2. Add any current offers 
  3. You're done!

There is a weekly Business Offers email sent to all local residents to help promote local businesses. Business offers also feature in the suburb feed and we will be creating new ways to highlight local business in 2018. You should also ask your customers to follow you on Nabo and provide a review as well to help build your following.

Business FAQs are here

For Members,

  1. Please review and follow any businesses you already like - to review a business, simply click on the business you would like to view in the local business directory. Then click on "reviews" where you can share your experience 
  2. Maybe suggest Nabo to a business you frequently visit
  3. As always, shop local and often :)

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us here

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Here are some of the ways over 8,700 suburbs are using Nabo to get the best out of their local area.


Recommend and discover the best things around you, from local events and attractions, a trusted service or tradie, to the best coffee in town.


Create a support network of local people who can keep an eye on your home or pet while you're away. Grow a stronger neighbourhood together.


Find a kids second hand bike or toy, sell an unwanted item from around your home, or borrow something handy from your neighbours.