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Partner Offers: Woolworths, Home Loans and 4 others

Written by Geoff Main, published on 15 August 2018

Our monthly summary of various offers from our partners. Please take advantage of these if they are useful to you.

July's Top 5 Posts

Written by James, published on 25 July 2018

Winter's now in full swing and here at Nabo nothing warms our hearts more than reading all of your wonderful posts. We're constantly inspired by all of the creative ways people use Nabo and we want to share some of our favourite posts from the month of July. Enjoy the read!

Thank you and keep being neighbourly

Written by Simon Smith, published on 02 July 2018

Dear fellow Nabo members, Today is my last day at Nabo as I head towards pastures new.

June's top five

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 26 June 2018

We love looking at your posts so much here at Nabo, we like to share our top picks with you. It is a great way to inspire others with what you can use Nabo for, plus it's entertaining!  We all know Nabo is all about local news, however it's still interesting to see how other people use the...

May Winner & New Competition!

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 06 June 2018

Were you one of the hundreds that voted in May's Book of the Month competition? In our May competition, we asked our members to vote on this poll with which book they would like to win for themselves or if they are part of a book club, win copies for them too...

How our members have supported Volunteer Week

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 29 May 2018

To celebrate National Volunteer Week (NVW) from 21-27 May, we wanted to acknowledge all the great Australians who dedicate their time to help others. The week was all about giving a little and changing a lot. At Nabo, we decided to give away $500 to three organisations to recognise the amazing...

May's Top 5 Posts

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 24 May 2018

Farewell autumn, hello (reluctantly) winter! Before things get too chilly, let's have a look at our favourite posts we've seen from the Nabo community this month. We love finding these gems amongst the thousands of posts we see each month and I hope you enjoy reading about them! 

Winter Warmers Appeal

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 22 May 2018

Winter can be a difficult time, particularly those having a tough time. Free supplies to combat the cold and often wet weather during the winter months can be hard to find.

How can you make a difference?

Written by Geoff Main, published on 22 May 2018

Given we’re in Volunteer Month, we wanted to highlight a number of worthy causes or projects that you could help with this month – either by donation of your time, excess goods, money or food.

How to apply for a grant for your community group

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 22 May 2018

If you think your group or community organisation is too small, or too specialised, to be awarded a grant – or that you haven’t a chance of successfully applying for one – here’s the good news: more than $40 billion in grants is given away each year in Australia, and the range of grants is huge...

#NaboVolunteers: Are you the winner of $500?

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 14 May 2018

This month, Nabo is raising awareness about National Volunteer Week. Volunteers are such an important part of our community and their work doesn’t go unnoticed. To celebrate all the amazing things our volunteers do, we’ve been encouraging all Nabo members to nominate either themselves...

7 Ways to Meet Your Neighbours

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 14 May 2018

Whatever happened to the days of neighbours becoming good friends? With so many of us working long hours, ferrying the kids to and from school, studying, commuting, going to appointments or a million other things, it can be difficult to prioritise ‘getting to know the neighbours’. We’ve come up...

Case Study: How Nabo businesses can benefit from OneFlare

Written by Geoff Main, published on 10 May 2018

Chris, from JCO Cleaners shares with us his experience with Oneflare - one of Australia’s largest online marketplaces for connecting businesses to customers in need of local services.

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