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May Book of the Month Competition

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 09 May 2018

This month we are ready to give away more books, thanks to our amazing partners at Hachette. To celebrate our new "reading" interest group we want our members to let us know which book they would like to win in our May Book of the Month Competition...

April Winner & New Competition!

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 09 May 2018

In April, our first book competition went live. We are giving away up to ten copies of your chosen book for you and your book club, thanks to our partners at Hachette. To be entered into the draw, we asked members to have "reading" as an interest on Nabo and to simply vote on our poll with which...

Members’ top 10 tips for getting the most out of Nabo

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 04 May 2018

From great tips on using the events listings to advice on meeting up in real life, Nabo members have some excellent ideas! In our recent Member Survey one of our questions was “What’s your favourite tip for getting the most out of Nabo?” and your answers were full of good suggestions.

Nabo Volunteers Month

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 03 May 2018

This month, Volunteers Australia and Nabo will be celebrating National Volunteer Week from 21 to 27 May. Nabo members love their local community, and we’re sure there are already a few of you on the site who volunteer regularly.

Nabo Partners: Who are they and why do we need them?

Written by Simon Smith, published on 02 May 2018

At Nabo, our passion is to provide a private online space for members to engage with their local community. Over 300,000 Nabo members love meeting new people, hearing about local events and classifieds, learning about new businesses and joining local groups, which they can all do on Nabo - for free.

April's Top Five Posts

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 26 April 2018

One thing that separates Nabo from other social media networks is its commitment to connecting our members to their local communities. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the ball rolling though, so each month we highlight some of our favourite interactions on Nabo from across Australia.

Anzac Day Message from Simon

Written by Simon Smith, published on 22 April 2018

This Wednesday marks Anzac Day, our national day of remembrance for the Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.  It is an opportunity to reflect on and honour the contribution of all those who have served. 

Nabo Book Competition

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 17 April 2018

At Nabo, we love a good book and we love book clubs even more. This is because book clubs are about more than just reading, they can be very sociable and are a great way to meet new people in your community. To encourage more book clubs, our partners at Hachette are giving you...

Get more from Nabo by verifying your address

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 17 April 2018

Nabo is here to help you make real connections in your neighbourhood. Verifying your address is a safe way to make sure that you know exactly who you are talking to – and opens up access to private messaging through Nabo, and other features, too.

Interests on Nabo

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 13 April 2018

It takes all kind of people to make up a community, but isn’t it even better when you can share common interests with one another? Connecting through hobbies, sharing problems and finding solutions together is what makes a community meaningful. After all, a problem halved is a problem solved...

Neighbour Day

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 10 April 2018

It was great to see our members get so involved in Neighbour Day on Sunday 25th March. This day was all about bringing the community closer together and being neighbourly. No matter how big or small the event was, you sure celebrated and we would like to thank you for all your contributions...

Organisation Competition Winner!

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 06 April 2018

Whilst we were celebrating Neighbour Day on Sunday 25th March we ran a few competitions to join in on the celebrations...

How to Make Friends in your Neighbourhood

Written by Lara Heaton, published on 06 April 2018

Being new is never easy, be it your first day at a new school, a new workplace or in a new neighbourhood, but we're here to help. At Nabo we know that making connections in a new neighbourhood can feel a little daunting, but don't stress because we've thought up a few tips to help make your new...

What's New at Nabo?

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 06 April 2018

It's April already?! Check out what's new at Nabo this month and take a sneak peak at what's coming up.

#NaboNeighbour of the Week: Richard from NSW

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 04 April 2018

Our fourth and final #NaboNeighbour is Richard from NSW! Nabo member Catherine is amazed by how much time he has for his community. Even as a full time carer, Richard has the time to build his community on Nabo.

Stay Safe on the Internet

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 03 April 2018

At Nabo, the security of our members is very important. We would like to remind all our members to be vigilant when they interact with people online, both on Nabo and on other social networks.

Top Five Posts in March

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 29 March 2018

Over 300,000 Nabo members all over Australia use Nabo in a variety of different ways. Whether it's using the site to make new friends, or sharing local information or just a smile, it makes all the hard work at Nabo HQ worth it.

Special Message from Simon Smith

Written by Simon Smith, published on 28 March 2018

On behalf of the team at Nabo, I want to thank you for making Nabo and your neighbourhood a better place to be.

#NaboNeighbour of the Week: Kimy from QLD

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 27 March 2018

A huge thank you to all the wonderful Nabo members who are taking the time to acknowledge the wonderful neighbours in their lives who make a difference each and every day. The #NaboNeighbour competition isn't just about rewarding those neighbours who deserve some recognition, but about...

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