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How to start a book club

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 22 March 2018

Whether you’re debating the finer points of a Booker prize winner or getting together with likeminded fans to embrace, for the umpteenth time, a Terry Pratchett fantasy novel, a book club offers more than just some robust discussion, or a chance to natter over wine and cheese. You can...

Why Residents shouldn't post Business Offers

Written by Geoff Main, published on 20 March 2018

One of the main benefits to Nabo is our localness. While we do sometimes include National messages, the aim of Nabo is to create stronger neighbourhoods through more local content...

#NaboNeighbour of the Week: Mary from QLD

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 20 March 2018

Another week, another amazing collection of nominations from Nabo members all across Australia. Neighbours just like you are taking the time to celebrate the people who make their day shine just a little bit brighter.

7 ways to create more space at home

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 15 March 2018

Australians spend a staggering 800,000 hours a day, collectively, looking for keys, sunnies, TV remotes and other “lost things”, according to research conducted last year. And an international survey by furniture giant Ikea last year found that for a lot of people, having too much “stuff” can be...

From cake to free coffee: How to connect with your neighbours with a random act of kindness

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 13 March 2018

A small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone’s day. And when that gesture is a surprise, it can be even more wonderful. Doing something nice for no particular reason is known as a random act of kindness (or an RAK) and it can be a great way to foster a happier, more supportive and...

Enter the #NaboNeighbour Contest!

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 05 March 2018

Maybe they've helped you out in a time of need, or are always there to brighten your day, share a cuppa with or just enjoy a chat. Whether they’re just next door, or a couple of streets away, everyone needs good neighbours.

Top Five Posts in February

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 28 February 2018

One of the joys of working at Nabo is seeing all the ways our members interact with one another. Whether sharing crime and saftey alerts, provising vital pieces of local knowledge, or simply enjoying a laugh together, it's great to see Nabo members across Australia...

Neighbour Day - Connect, Nominate, make your Suburb better

Written by Geoff Main, published on 27 February 2018

This March, Nabo is supporting Neighbour Day on Sun 25 March with plenty of activities to connect you with your neighbours. There are prizes to be won so get involved and help connect with a neighbour or two!

Nabo National Survey Winners

Written by Annabel Thompson, published on 26 February 2018

Six lucky Nabo members have won a $250 gift card, simply by completing the National Nabo Survey. Are you won of our lucky winners?

Nabo members are helpful, keen – and love their coffee!

Written by Geoff Main, published on 23 February 2018

A massive thank you to the more than 4,400 Nabo members who helped make Nabo better in our recent Nabo survey. Your answers told us a lot about what you love about your neighbourhood, what you are interested in and what helpful people you are.

Win a Toyota Camry SL Hybrid worth $45,830

Written by Geoff Main, published on 21 February 2018

We know this opportunity isn't exactly local, but one of our partners is giving away a car and it seemed silly not to encourage a Nabo member to win it!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 15 February 2018

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, starts this week, with celebrations lasting up to two weeks. The New Year is based on the lunar calendar and therefore varies each year; this year, the Year of The Dog – the Chinese zodiac features 12 animals, and each year is associated with...

Giving away free stuff on Nabo is good for your health and your community

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 14 February 2018

Do you have items that you no longer use that are taking up space in your home? Why not give them away to a neighbour in the “free to a good home” section on Nabo? Declutter your home, help the environment and your health and have the opportunity to meet new neighbours! As one member said...

Last Minute Gifts for Valentine's Day...

Written by Geoff Main, published on 13 February 2018

Our friends at Red Balloon have organised a special offer for Nabo members this Valentine’s Day. Not only can you take advantage of their own Valentine’s Day offers, but Nabo members can also enjoy 15% off the Red Balloon site this February by using NABOLOVE15 at the checkout!

How to show some love for your neighbours

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 08 February 2018

You might think that Valentine’s Day is all about couples, chocolate and roses – but in fact, it can be a great reminder that sharing some love is something we can all do, whether we’re single or partnered. If January is about fresh starts and resolutions, February is a great month for...

How to Fall in Love with your Neighbourhood (Again!)

Written by Rosie O'Meley & Clare Aston, published on 05 February 2018

After living in the same place for a while you can start to lose the spark that you once held for your neighbourhood. The pretty streets, local waterholes, and eclectic shops that once drew you in, now can't get you out your front door. If this sounds like you - don't worry. Instead, check out...

6 Reasons Why Nabo Can Help When Other Social Channels Can’t

Written by Kylie Walker, published on 05 February 2018

Nabo is all about helping you connect with the people, events and goings-on right where you live. As Australia’s first private social network, it’s got a lot to offer – and while Facebook is great for keeping up with your friends across Australia or overseas, Nabo is where you can meet and...

Alterative Transport Options for the Sydney Train Strike

Written by Becky Corfield, published on 24 January 2018

If you’re anything like us, you’re a bit confused about your commute on 29 January. With the 24-hour planned train strike looking likely to go ahead this Monday, Nabo members across Sydney are wondering how they’ll plan around the strike. Not to worry, though! We’ve put together a list of our...

New Year’s Resolutions for your Neighbourhood

Written by Joumana Awad, published on 15 January 2018

There’s nothing like living in a tight-knit community. So this New Year, make it your resolution to create a stronger neighbourhood to last a lifetime. Here are 8 New Year’s resolutions for your neighbourhood to get behind!

The Nabo #XmasLights Competition

Written by Renee Dubé, published on 25 December 2017

Here's just a few of the amazing photos Nabo members have been submitting for our #XmasLights competition! Have you entered your suburb's best Christmas light displays yet? 

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